The Story Behind The Story

CAYAC is the brainchild of two millennial cowboys; Matt Rice and Tommy Allen. Both have a background in livestock, from managing cow-calf operations to stocker cattle. Their cattle knowledge in combination with work experience at Allen Media, (The Ag information Radio Network of the West) has given them a unique understanding of the value of targeting a message directly to the right audience. The average CAYAC Sale Barn moves over $1,000,000 in cattle each week, providing your brand/product  premiere exposure to those who just invested $1,000,000 to improve their herd and, also those who pocketed $1,000,000. CAYAC is the  perfect opportunity to reach REAL producers.

Give us a call and we can log you into our CAYAC Agency Planning Tool so you can assess which option is best for your marketing communication needs: HD Digital Monitor, Sale Ring Door Banners, or Bid Cards.  The CAYAC  Agency Planning Tool provides you with the advertising geography coverage information, rates, and total annual cattle numbers.

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